Monday, May 20, 2019
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2006 Italkart TaG Parilla Leopard

2006 Italkart Supersonic 125cc Parilla Leopard TaG
SOLD! Sorry this kart has found a new home. If you are looking for something similar please call or email us for the current inventory as many of our used karts sell before reaching our website.
-Recommended for 16ys old on up-

CHASSIS: 2006 Italkart Supersonic -32mm chassis
ENGINE: Iame Parilla Leopard 125cc single speed engine package.
DATA SYSTEM:  This kart comes with a MyChron 4 along with the AIM Steering Wheel to match!
SEAT: All our pre-owned karts come with fiberglass seats sized to fit. Inquire for sizing, seat manufacturer and availability details.
*As long as we have a pre-owned seat available in your size, there is no charge for the seat or installation. We do have brand new Fiberglass seats available as well.
AXLE SIZE: 50mm SKM factory axle.
BRAKES:  Factory SKM Italkart rear brake system. Pads and Rotor in good condition.
WHEELS: Douglas Magnesium wheels -Black
TIRES: All pre-owned karts come with good used tires.
BODYWORK: KG Unico White Bodywork is factory fit to this kart along with the factory Italkart Graphic kit.
SPECIAL FEATURES: Inexpensive and ready to drive!
Price: $1,995.00 OBO
Updated 07.16.18

2006 Italkart Supersonic Chassis with Iame Parilla Leopard single speed TaG engine package (that's a mouthful!)
This older Italkart is a fun easy to drive kart ready for the recreational or hobby driver. Too old to be a competitive race kart, these machines offer excellent value to the new owner as an inexpensive fun race kart capable of over 75mph! This kart has a clean straight chassis, a good engine and 4-wheel brakes. The name TaG refers to having an onboard starter. So, this kart doesn't need a push or an external starter to get it going! A MyChron 4 with the custom AIM steering wheel is also a nice feature. The popular Douglas Magnesium wheels are also a great upgrade. We have this kart from a long-time customer upgrading to a new kart. Not being a racer, but a recreational driver, this kart has survived the years without the typical battle scars and wear and tear of a race kart. The next owner benefits!

*Here at Kartspeed we custom build all our karts to meet the customer's requirements. Are you a shifter driver, TaG, Clone, or just want something to drive but have no idea where to start? Give us a call!

At Kartspeed we fit a seat to match each customers size (even for are XXXL drivers!). We create a custom manual for each kart with all the important items, as well as a short video of the kart running here in our shop before we box it up for shipping or ready it for customer pick up.

*We ship karts both Nationally and Internationally. Call us for a shipping quote. Are shipping rates are some of the lowest available due to the high volume of new and used karts we deliver to all parts of the world. Checkout the shipping details by clicking on the button on the home page.
*2018 OTK Karts are in stock. Do check with us for specific colors as not all colors are available all the time due to the build cycles at the factory. All models from Mini-Kid Kart through KZ Shifters! Complete packages or rolling chassis.