Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Maxter KZ 125 Shifter Engine

Engine Type: Maxter KZ 125 Shifter Engine Package 

Details:  Maxter KZ Engine Package. This is a 125cc, two stroke, water cooled dry clutch Italian engine developing over 48hp. This engine package comes complete with engine mount, ignition, carb, pipe and silencer. Add this engine to your kart or to one of our shifter roller chassis and have a blast! These are National Level engines with all the internal goodies. Replacement cost for this engine is over $8,500.00. 
Special Features: This 2015 Maxter was factory blueprinted and has a brand new top end (piston, ring, clips, bearing). Bottom end has approximately 5 hrs. 
You can save thousands over the cost of new. Out of the box, these KZ engines cost over $5,900. But wait, you are not finished. To be competitve, you then you take them to the engine builder to do the blueprinting, cylinder work and of course the standard engine builder 'magic!' Several thousand dollars later, you have an engine ready to race. So save the cost of new with this blueprinted KZ. Engine is professional level, capable of maximum horsepower. Maintenance has been impeccable. 
Price: $2,895.00. That saves you over $5,000.00!

Updated 12.26.18

 The KZv125 Shifter Engine is the world standard for 125 Shifter Kart Racing. Designed and built specifically for a Sprint Racing Kart, these are 125cc Shifter Kart Engines. Two stroke, water cooled, 6 speed sequential gearbox and over 45 hp out of the box...then blueprint and massage and the horsepower closes in on 50!!
. Unlike their Japanese motocross engine based 125 shifter engine, LZs fit the kart beautifully with the carb and the exhaust in the correct placement. Amazingly smooth 6 speed sequential gearboxs and lots of horsepower mean these engines deliver quite the performance in the sub-200lb Sprint Racing Kart Chassis's.

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Ask about availability of 125 and 80 shifter engines as well as 125cc TaG engine package