Thursday, July 18, 2019
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2013 Tony Kart Cadet 1010

2013 OTK Tony Kart Cadet
For ages 9-12 years old

Chassis Type: 2013 Tony Kart Cadet/Mini. Wheel base is 1010mm and the tubes are 28mm throughout.
ENGINE: This Tony Kart roller is designed for a variety of engines, so please contact us with specific application questions, to suit your needs. Typically, this size kart chassis will be used in junior one or junior two classes which includes engines such as Rotax Mini Max, Iame Mini Swift, Vortex Mini ROK, TaG Junior two cycle engine packages. Can also be used with 4 cycle engines such as the Briggs & Stratton. Typical ages for this chassis are 9-12years old, but please consult with one of our staff to make sure you purchase the correct size chassis for your son or daughter. 
TaG Engine Packages available: We have brand new Vortex and Iame Swift Junior TaG Engine Packages. We also carry Briggs & Stratton 4 cycle engines.
Chassis Applications: The Tony Mini Class of karts are meant for the junior drivers moving out of kid karts/baby karts and moving into junior class racing, typically ages 9-12yrs old. If you are unsure as to which size chassis you require, please contact us for clarification on engine, class, size and weight.
Seat: Fit to size of new owner.
Bodywork: OTK M4 bodywork
Axle Size: 
OTK 30mm racing axle comes standard.
Brakes: OTK Factory hydraulic brake system

Wheels: Comes with OTK AXP-Q Aluminum Wheels.
Special Features: Inexpensive way into cadet kart racing.
PRICE: $850.00
Price:  If your prefer brand new,  a 2018 Tony Kart Cadet lists for $3,295 brand new, (un-assembled). Kartspeed Motorsports is here to put you in an OTK Kart, so call us to find the best pricing available on this awesome sprint racing machines! (2017 prices yet to be confirmed)

Updated 08.08.18

2013 Tony Cadet -1010m wheelbase
Mini Karts (Also referred to as Cadet Karts) are typically built for kids ages 9-12yrs old. We can fit this kart with the engine of your choice if you prefer to receive a track ready kart! Karts like this one are great due to the low entry price. This tony Kart brand new is $3,295.00 so for our budget minded customers, if you can put up with the wear and tear of a used race machine, this is the way to save a lot of money! We budget forces compromises, (and when doen't it!) we always recommend to our customers the following.  Save money on the chassis and spend money on the engine. This plan ensures you end up driving your kart, rather than repairing it!

As the kids get older, movin out of Kid Kart Racing, more and more engine packages become available. So before you buy, make sure the engine you choose is supported in your region! There is not just one engine type that runs across America. There are dozens! Its easy to buy a kart only to find out no one has a local racing class for the engine you have! That is no fun,
If you are unsure what you need, contact us with your questions.

*We ship karts both Nationally and Internationally. Call us for a shipping quote. Are shipping rates are some of the lowest available due to the high volume of new and used karts we deliver to all parts of the world. Checkout the shipping details by clicking on the button on the home page.

*2018 OTK Karts in stock by the first part of January, maybe even sooner! All models from Kid Kart through KZ Shifters! Complete packages or rolling chassis.

Sales Information

Email or call 925-372-7420 if you more photos or details.
Kartspeed Motorsports is located in Northern CA. Shipping is possible anywhere in U.S.

Well sell new and used GP’s so call us with your requirements. We have the best prices on New GPs in the U.S.!

Ask about availability of 125 and 80 shifter engines as well as 125cc TaG engine package