Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Shifter Karts

New Website Coming Soon!



We have been getting lots of calls and emails asking why our website is not up to date...
Well, we are getting ready to release a brand new, built for mobile and social media Kartspeed Motorsports custom website.
Release date shold be by September 1st if all goes as planned. We waited until we were very close to completion on our new website before making any announcements. So many websites advertise "new website coming" ....and  then time goes by. First weeks then months and sometimes even longer! 
We didn't want that to be us! 
So look forward to a new feature filled website with online shopping cart, Paypal payments, social media links and mobile friendly...all the things our customers have been asking for!


2018 OTK Tony Kart KZ Shifter Kart

2018 OTK Tony Kart KZ Shifter
Shifter Chassis for all 125cc Shifter engine packages
-Recommended ages 15yrs old until you can no longer drive!-

Chassis Type: 2018 Tony Kart KZ Shifter Chrome Moly Steel 30mm tubing with a 1045mm wheelbase
ENGINE: This brand new OTK Tony Kart, Kosmic, Exprit or FA roller is designed for a variety of engines, so please contact us with specific application questions, to suit your needs. The engine package shown in this photo is a Vortex Shifter Package with OTK Radiator (not included in roller pricing)
Engine Packages available: We have brand new Vortex ROK and Honda 125cc Shifter Engine Packages available! 
Chassis Applications: 
The Tony Racer has proven to be one of the most successful karts in recent history. Just look at National Level Race Results...they speak for themselves! 

 Tony Karts come with OTK factory fiberglass racing seats to fit kids through adults weighing up to 190lbs. For larger people, we do have Tillet Racing seats fitting drivers up t o 260lbs!
Axle Size: OTK 50mm racing axle comes standard.
Brakes: OTK Factory BSS Shifter brake system

Wheels: All our 2018 Tony's come with OTK MXJ Magnesium Wheels.
Special Features: 2018 continues with the updated M-6 aerodynamic OTK bodywork and the factory Tony Kart graphics kit as well! 
Price: This karts list for $5,355.00 brand new, un-assembled roller. 
Kartspeed Motorsports is here to put you in an OTK Kart, so call us to find the best pricing available on these awesome sprint racing machines!

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Sales Information

Email or call 925-372-7420 if you more photos or details.
Kartspeed Motorsports is located in Northern CA. Shipping is possible anywhere in U.S.

Well sell new and used GP’s so call us with your requirements. We have the best prices on New GPs in the U.S.!

Ask about availability of 125 and 80 shifter engines as well as 125cc TaG engine package