Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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About Us

Our determination to succeed started at a young age. Our passion for karting grew as we participated within the sport. Our desire to help others developed as a direct result of those we have met along our journeys.

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith just loves Karting. “It’s simply the most competitive form of four wheeled road racing found anywhere!”

To go back a few years, Jeff spent his youth wrenching on a variety of Sports Cars and Formula Cars all the way from Formula Vee, through Formula Ford, and F2000 . “During that time I watched and learned so much about road racing, it was really a great experience.” But after finally gathering the funds to drive himself, he found the level of competition compared to the cost to go racing, wasn’t really adding up. “A few friends of mine, that had their eyes set on a professional driving career, were constantly talking to me about Karting, something I had never had exposure to growing up. Karting was completely foreign to me.”

After some time learning about the Northern California kart scene, Jeff jumped in head first and bought a used 80 Shifter.” I took the kart out to Dixon and just couldn’t believe the power-to-weight ratio, the handling and the braking. I had the best time of my life that day, and was hooked on Karting.” Jeff also realized just how much he needed to learn to go fast. “Cars let you get away with so much. I came out of the California SCCA National Racing Series thinking I was pretty good. Starting out racing Formula Vees and moving up through Formula Fords then to F2000's, race wins and lap records came without a lot of effort and very little track experience. Fast forward to my first Sprint Race in a Kart and BAM! I learned just how much I didn't know about driving fast. As I learned to push the limits of the kart, I realized I had developed a lot of bad habits that I had to change if I wanted to be fast in a Kart. After my first few kart races, I had really found a place to learn the art of road racing. That first season at Dixon, I was getting my butt kicked pretty good. I realized just how competitive Karting is. I had come from success in the full size race cars, and here I was struggling to finish mid-pack in a kart race! That really woke me up. Karting demanded my instant respect from that point forward.”

So yes, Jeff did it backwards! He started in cars and moved to Karting. But would he go back to cars? “Not unless they paid me to drive. Karting is just the best. There is no better way to go road racing than a Sprint Kart. The level of competition has no equal. The sprint karts performance is unmatched and the Karting community is second to none.”

One thing lead to another and I eventually left my profession as a Technical Account Manager and went into the kart business full time.

Thank you for visiting our web site. We look forward to serving you now and in the future.

Jeff Smith
Kartspeed Motorsports